What is SafeContainer?

Solid care for tender software.

Inside, your software is safe.

Zero risk of intrusion or data leaks.

Isn't that what you're looking for?


xTR SafeContainer is a new technology to safely deliver and deploy software via Internet to your home or office computer. When inside the Container, neither tampering with the Software nor theft is possible.

WiFi router

xTR Router fixes security issues with family and office WiFi. Educational centers, too. Always on the safe side of the internet.

Video surveilliance

xTR Home turns on AI to detect objects and instantly report to you. Feels safe to check in home.

Office mail

Good old days are back with xTR Office. Have your own office email, safe and secure. Best antispam and antiviral protection included.

Save your work

Your custom xTR SafeContainer: you name it, we pack it. All the precious things you want to be in one safe place.

xTR Router

at home, work, at school or on a tour, be always in control!

  • use your old 2Gb laptop from the attic as a protected WiFi router;
  • no working screen, hard disk or keyboard required;
  • set the router's blacklist/whitelist policy from your mobile;
  • enable antiTOR and zero connectivity for TOR browsers;
  • log traffic and content on per user/per IP basis;
  • explore other options of a safe WiFi router.

With minimal configuration get the most effective control over your WiFi network. Go for it - download xTR Router FREE from our site!

NEW! since version 1.21 xTR Router also fully works inside VirtualBox! No dedicated device required - use your desktop/laptop and deploy on a VB of your choice! -- See comments below the xTR Home as a short how-to.

xTR Home

includes the artificial intelligence realtime object detection module. It analyzes video streams from the attached webcams and detects objects as they appear, logs events in a journal and instantly notifies the host with email or SMS.

Artifical intelligence is a growing sphere of influence. We are providing our SafeContainer technology to ensure no other but the hosts will be able to communicate with their AI.

The xTR Home (*) supports two webcams and has an object detection module with a plugin to log the detected realtime events into a database, with a timestamp of object snapshots.

Get xTR Home free at the download page - (*) Also includes xTR Router.

Try xTR Home live demo at this link. Please request for its password at our Telegram channel.

NEW! xTR Home version 1.21 also fully works inside VirtualBox! No dedicated device required - just use your desktop/laptop and deploy on a VB! Download VirtualBox from the Oracle's official site at https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads. NB: You will need to install first "Hosts" and then "Extension Pack" files. They are two separate files (and not one big distro) due to slightly different licenses. Then set up a new virtual machine as here. Name "xetr" on these pictures is not mandatory, name your VM anything you want. To start xTR Home or xTR Router on this VM, the "PCI headless" type of EFI bootloader is needed, so please go ahead download one from here (Home) or here (Router), unpack the archive onto the USB flash and start the VM.

xTR Office

enhance the jobs at the office with a free media server:

  • office workers CRUD in streamline mode;
  • exchange videos as office mail;
  • chat with other workers both in normal and video chat rooms;
  • control over the office WiFi with xTR Router capabilities;
  • use AI guards everywhere to provide the best security;
  • corporate mail and proxy to save traffic;
  • explore other options of the safe xTR Office.

With minimal configuration get the most effective control over your Office network. Go for it - download xTR Office 30 days FREE TRIAL on demand we provide live @Telegram channel!


We are ready to provide a scope of SafeContainers which are different in complexity and pricing. We'd like to offer some of these containers FREE:

xTR Router

$0per year

  • Your home/office WiFi router
  • Block undesired content
  • Log the access data
  • Allow all ToR connections
  • Allow darknet/drugnet
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xTR Office

$119.90per year

  • Video Conferences
  • Corporate mail
  • Antispam/Antivirus
  • Artificial intelligence
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes it's easier to find the answer to a question which has already been asked and answered - here are some of those:

  • About the SafeContainer, is it really safe?

    Yes, it's a state-of-the-art technology based on a long run of tests showing its incorruptible strength. The hackers have been trying to break our containers, but no succesful attempts have ever been known of.

  • We provide clients with a password for the administrative web interface login, the sooner one changes this password, immediately, the better.

  • As a well-meaning security precaution, we don't put anything on your side except "third-party" files freely available from internet, such as video drivers, or a specific Python package, etc, which are stored on a newly-formatted partition made on the free space of your HDD or SSD or NVME drive, when there's enough free space on the machine for this operation. The same is true about YOUR files, - the database, recorded videos, logs, etc - they are stored on your machine if there is enough free space available to format a new partition for them. No space means no permanent storage - but then it works all the same, as everything is held only in RAM. Every other part of our own copyright sits in RAM as well - and only as long as the computer is switched on, so strictly speaking we don't install any parts of SafeContainer on the client's machine. For example, you can run xTR Router on an old notebook without a hard drive - because all it takes is 2GB of RAM - and we suppose even without an HDD your old notebook still has some RAM, no?

  • Well, you can! There's xTR Router with a manual which is free at https://safe2b.net, named "Safe2B Basic Edition", and there is xTR Home free lite version - check at the https://xter.tech/ind_home.html for the bootloaders links.


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